Christ is Unchanging

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

This isn’t one of those verses that really needs to be expounded on. It’s pretty straight forward. Any difficulty with this verse comes with understanding and applying its implications to our lives. If Christ is unchanging, what does that mean for us?

First off, it means that we have yet another reason to worship Him and trust Him. He’s not going to flake out on us and He isn’t going to suddenly change and decide that He doesn’t want to be bothered saving and loving us. He has saved us and always will. He has loved us and always will.

Secondly, it means that we should change, because He isn’t going to. He is always going to be worthy of our praise and honor, so if even some small part of our life doesn’t honor Him, it’s got to go. He is always going to be holy, holy, holy. He is always going to be just. So we have some transformation to undergo if we are going to be in His presence. He saved us and is remaking us in His image and we should welcome that painful reformation because when’s He done remaking us, we’ll get to join Him in the eternity of holy splendor.

Third, this should change how we respond to different seasons of life. Our response to God tends to be proportionate to our perception of how He is treating us. When we are in good seasons, God is a good, loving Father who cares and meets all our needs. But when we are in hard seasons, God becomes a cold, caustic jerk who doesn’t understand how much pain we are in. But when we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever, we have to acknowledge that the Father who lovingly provided for us yesterday is still a loving Father when we suffer today. His love for us may show itself in different ways in different seasons, but it is crucial that we understand that our circumstances are not an indication of how He is changing, but of how we are being changed to be more like Him.

When we understand this, it should give us courage, confidence and comfort to face each season as it comes because we have the unchanging, unbending, unyielding Rock of Ages on our side.

When I read this I was hesitant to post it but I couldn’t shake how much truth there was in it. I can’t honestly think of a time in my life that I’ve thought God was being a “jerk”, there were times I couldn’t understand the why but for some they may have had that feeling and it’s important that we are honest with ourselves and then be encouraged, confident and comforted to face each season as it comes because we have the unchanging, unbending, unyielding Rock of Ages on our side. When the enemy tries to fill your mind with negativity towards God remind him who you choose to serve, trust and believe in no matter the trials your facing in that moment because He is the same yesterday, today and forever! Don’t allow the seasons in your life to alter your confidence in Christ but allow it to draw you closer to Him, He loves you more than anyone in the world.

Have a wonderful day in The Lord!

Today’s Reading is Romans 8:24-25