Eternal Perspective

Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee. (Psalm 63:3)
Jesus is better than life.
Think about this; throughout His ministry, Jesus raised people from the dead:  the widow’s son, Jairus daughter, and Lazarus. But the reality is that they will all die again.
Jairus’ daughter, whom Jesus raised from the dead, she will die again. Maybe in two years, maybe in 20, maybe when she is 90, but it will happen.
This raises the question, “what is God’s purpose?” What is God’s purpose in creating life, knowing that death is certain?
Why does God allow death? Why does God create a baby for two minutes and then allow it to die? What is that?
Why did God allow my mom to die right before giving her what she had longed for; a grandchild to love, and hold, and be with?
Why create life only to let it end?
The answer: “to further prove that we are created for another world, another life.”
To show us that life on earth with Christ is nothing compared to eternal life in heaven with Him. We are not created for this world; we are created for eternal life with Him.
If that doesn’t give you hope, I do not know what does.
Your prayer today,  Lord give me more of an eternal perspective and less of a temporal one.
With everything happening around us and so many unknowns, I felt this devotion needed to be shared. I’m certain we have all asked this very question, seeking answers for the things we don’t understand while walking through this journey called life. I pray you are filled with peace and understanding today.
Have a beautiful and uplifting day in The Lord!