Every Day Is A Precious Gift

I pray you are encouraged by this devotion, just as I was when I first read it. It’s simple, make time for Him today. 
This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)
Every day is a precious gift given to us by God.
When we invite Him to walk alongside us, there is never any day that is without purpose.
Even the most seemingly mundane and uneventful days can be filled with rich purpose when we look to the Lord for direction.
In the same way, even the busiest of days can be filled with His peace and contentment.
The moment we awake in the morning, many of us have a habit of immediately meditating on our schedule and what needs to be done. Before we even place our feet on the floor, tasks and priorities are already competing for our attention. 

However, God wants us to set our priorities in alignment with His will, not ours.

When your mind seems to swirl with overwhelm, stop and seek His face.
The Holy Spirit will help you discern what is most important and what He wants you to do with your time and energy.
This practice will aid in bringing organization and stillness to your mind, knowing you have done exactly what you were supposed to according to the path the Lord laid out before you.
At the end of the day, you will be able to lie down in peace about the things you accomplished, and the things still waiting to be done.
Today, invite Him into all your activities. Despite it being counter cultural, He is attracted to your neediness for Him. When your thoughts and attention turn towards Him, He is delighted! Even the most simple of prayers like, “Lord, I need you,” or “Jesus, please help me,” are enough to help you engage with His constant presence in that very moment.

Rejoice and be glad!
For this is a day He has made with you in mind!