He Won’t Leave You There

Mark 4:35-41  
Exodus 14:21-29 
You don’t have to be alive very long to hit some rough waters. Everybody’s boat gets rocked from time to time. The wind blows like crazy and you might even take on water. The temptation is to freak out and wonder how—or if—you’ll make it to the other side. 
Storms are part of the journey. For me, one of the hardest things is dealing with stuff I can’t fix. I’m tempted to try anyway, but the older I get, the more I realize it just doesn’t work. Some situations are above my pay grade. My fixes are nothing but thick patches on threadbare jeans. They don’t hold very long. I need God to set things right. He’s the only One who can get me unstuck and take me to the other side. 
Does that sound familiar? Are certain circumstances getting worse the more you work on them? Are they starting to look like a permanent part of your scenery? 
I know what that feels like, but I know this: you can get unstuck if you keep your faith moving. God’s got you. He won’t leave you there. He’s in your boat and He’ll go through the storm with you. When you get to the other side of it, you’ll be stronger for having made the journey. 
If you’re in rough waters and you can’t see the other side, think back to all the times you saw no way out. Remember how He parted the sea, or brought life to something dead, or gave you the strength to take another step. You thought it was “The End,” but Jesus made a way for you—out of no way out. 
Your past victories weren’t just for the past, they’re reminders of how God makes the impossible possible. You can draw strength from them. Today’s storm doesn’t have to paralyze you. He’s a good God and He’s with you. For sure, He won’t leave you there. 
When I read this I felt it needed to be shared for someone to read and be encouraged today. Remember, He won’t leave you there. No night is too dark, No battle is too hard, No situation is too hopeless, No chains are too strong with Jesus by your side. 
Have a beautiful day in The Lord! 
Today’s Reading is Isaiah 12:2