Honoring God With Thanks

And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me. (Psalm 50:15) 
The doctor wasn’t frowning, despite talking to my husband about his recent cancer diagnosis. Smiling, she offered a suggestion: start each day by giving thanks. “For at least three things,” the doctor said.  Dan agreed, knowing that gratitude opens our hearts to find encouragement in God’s goodness. Thus, Dan starts each day with words of praise. Thank You, God, for a good night’s sleep. For my clean bed. For sunshine. For breakfast on the table. For a smile on my lips. 
Each word is heartfelt. But could it sound trivial? Does our praise in life’s small details matter to Almighty God? In Psalm 50, David’s chief musician, Asaph, offers a clear answer. God “will take no bullock out of thy house, nor he goats out of thy folds” (v. 9). Instead of these once-formal Israelite sacrifices of gratitude, God wants His people to give Him our hearts and lives in gratitude (vv. 14, 23). 
As my husband experienced, whole-hearted gratitude helps our spirits flourish. Then when we call on the Lord “in the day of trouble,” He will “deliver” us (v. 15).  Does this mean Dan will be healed, spiritually and physically, during his two-year treatment? Or not until after this lifetime? We don’t know. But for now, Dan delights in showing God he’s grateful for His love, and for who God is: Redeemer. Healer. Friend. And friends delight to hear these beautiful words: Thank You. 
When I read this devotion I was so very blessed and reminded of something I once heard someone say and I feel it bears repeating. The man once said, paralyzed from a past head injury, when someone says God Bless you, his response is, He already has. How powerful is that? If we would choose to live each day with that kind of attitude, despite our current circumstances, how different would our lives be. Let us do as Dan does in this devotion each and every day, let’s choose to delight in showing God we are grateful for His love, and for who He is: redeemer, healer and friend. My gratitude to God is great to Him. Today, let’s set aside our troubles and honor God with thanks. He deserves it. 
Have a beautiful and uplifting day in The Lord! 
Today’s Reading is Isaiah 25:1