Turn Your Thoughts

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. (Isaiah 26:3)
Turn your thoughts to the Lord often!
Training our thoughts can be tough, since it is one of the most common places Satan likes to attack. Even though this is challenging, the positive outcome is worth it!
The more you train your thoughts on the Lord, the more peace you will have. When you think upon the Lord and His goodness, the affections of your heart will also begin to turn towards Him.
Whenever you experience something good, thank the Lord for it.
Even the small, everyday things of life are worth thanking Him for. Think of the Lord when you see the sunset and sunrise. Think of the Lord when you see the flowers in bloom that He sends for you every spring season. Think of and thank the Lord for each meal and for His provision of a house. Think of and thank the Lord for the joy you receive from the friends and family He’s placed in your life.
Intentionally placing little reminders around your house and living space can also help. Write scriptures on sticky notes and place them on your mirror, in the car, or at your desk! Play worship music in the background as you cook meals or work on your daily chores.
Even unpleasant and painful moments of our day can point our attention back to our Savior, reminding us of how much we need Him.

Today, how can you be intentional in turning your thoughts towards God more? What are some creative ways you can do this?
The more we are able to turn our thoughts to the Lord, the more we will become aware of His presence and how close He really is to us, enabling us to experience His perfect peace!  
When I read this devotion it blessed me. As hard and distracting as it may be some days, we must choose to think of The Lord in all things. On our bad days and our good days, Praise Him! Praise Him on the mountain top and in the valley. Point your attention back to The Savior.
Have a beautiful and uplifting day in The Lord!