Be strong in The Lord!

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. (Ephesians 6:10)
Maybe you are emotionally strong. Maybe you can handle a lot of pressure, work for long hours, day after day after day. Maybe you are the one who is the emotional anchor in your family and everyone leans on you for support.

There are many kinds of strength. But the most important one is the strength you need in the Lord. True Christian strength is not of the body. True Christian strength is of the spirit, measured in faithfulness, trust, and perseverance. By Grace we live by Faith.

Our (true) struggle is against powers and principalities and the Lord wants you to be strong.

There are many things to fight in this world. For instance you can fight sickness, fatigue, death of loved ones, failure of your plans and hopes, questions without answers, and pain without reason. Yes we fight in this world. But we also fight in the spiritual world.

It is Satan who opposes you. It is he who seeks to sift you and destroy your bodies and souls in the eternal blackness that will be his unending grave of torment.

Yet the blood of Christ has guaranteed your deliverance from that awful end. Jesus bought you with His blood and ensured that none of those bought would be lost. Praise the name of the Lord.

In order for you to be strong, in order for you to fight the good fight of the faith, you must put on faith, righteousness, and salvation. You must use the Word of God and last, but not least, you must pray.

Will you? Will you pray, will you be faithful, will you trust in the Lord and rest in His provision for victory in Christ? You must decide. You must act.
I recently read this and I pray it provokes you to be strong, to fight the good fight of faith and to realize that Jesus bought you with His blood with a price, that’s how much you mean to Him. We must dig into the bible for direction and strength and we must spend time in prayer and fasting.
Have a wonderful day in The Lord!
Todays Reading is Ephesians 6