Break Out of the Mold

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. (2 Timothy 3:5) 
They say “I want to live my life my way” or “Look at everything I’ll have to give up” or “why do I want to live for Jesus?” or “God didn’t come through for me when I needed Him.” Some feel that God is unfair or unjust. You have even heard people say they hated God. All of these things are enough to break your heart. They pierce down to the very core of your soul because you know those words are untrue. 
Why would anyone not want to live for Jesus? Of the many reasons, “Empty religion” ranks at the top. Religion talks a good game, but has no power. The Pharisees looked great on the outside, but Jesus revealed that they were whited sepulchres. But walking with Jesus is not religion. So often though, we make it that way. The reason is because we go about to perform religious things instead of walking and talking with Jesus daily. These things are taught by the world. The Lord Himself does not teach us these things. 
Paul declared to Timothy that there would be a generation in the last days would have a form of godliness. This is nothing more than an empty religious form that has no substance or reality. The first step to breaking out of this is to just be honest with God with our faults and failures. Paul continues by saying that they would deny the power thereof.This is exactly what empty religion does. It places the part, but has no power from God. If you’re walking with Jesus in truth, then the power of God will always be present to empower you to walk in victory over sin. This requires faith in Jesus to do for you what you can’t do. 
Breakout. We must break out of the religious mold. How do we do this? This is done by casting off the religious nonsense of the world and serving God in truth with our hearts. Romans 12 teaches us be ye not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed. The word conform suggests an outside pressure closing around an object to be molded. This is the way the world changes people. The word transform suggests a change that comes from the inside out. This is how Jesus changes us. How do we know whether we are being conformed or transformed? It may be simpler than you think.  Do we walk like Jesus or do we walk like Pharisees? 
When I read this devotion I couldn’t help but think this may step on some people’s toes but it’s something that needs to be said and thought about but not stop there, change needs to then happen. Today, ask yourself, do I walk like Jesus or do I walk like the Pharisees.  My prayer is that we are transformed from the inside out. Less of me and more of You Lord! 
Have a beautiful and uplifting day in The Lord! 
Today’s Reading is Psalms 91:2