Unexpected Grace

And hath seen in a vision a man named Ananias coming in, and putting his hand on him, that he might receive his sight. (Acts 9:12)

It was an early Saturday morning in my sophomore year of high school, and I was eager to get to my job at the local bowling lanes. The evening before, I had stayed late to mop the muddy tile floors because the janitor called in sick. I hadn’t bothered to tell the boss about the janitor so I could surprise him. After all, What could go wrong? I thought.

Plenty, as it turns out.

Stepping in the door, I saw inches of standing water, with bowling pins, rolls of toilet paper, and boxes of paper scoresheets bobbing on top. Then I realized what I had done: While doing the floors, I had left a large faucet running overnight! Incredibly, my boss greeted me with a huge hug and a big smile—“for trying,” he said.

Saul was actively punishing and harassing Christians (Acts 9:1–2) when he came face to face with Jesus on the road to Damascus (vv. 3–4). Jesus confronted the soon-to-be-called apostle Paul with his sinful actions. Blinded by the experience, Saul/Paul would need a Christian—Ananias—to restore his sight to him in an act of courage and grace (v. 17).

Both Saul and I received unexpected grace.

Most people know they’ve messed up. Instead of lectures, they need a hope for redemption. Stern faces or sharp words can block their view of that hope. Like Ananias, or even my boss, followers of Jesus must become the face of grace in these life-changing encounters with others.

We have all come face to face with this reality and I’m certain we can all recall the individual who showed us grace and forgiveness in a situation where we know we didn’t deserve it. What an impact we can make in someone’s life by showing grace and forgiveness. Today lets do as this devotion mentions and find someone in our lives that deserves the face of grace. As followers of Christ lets choose to give someone hope for redemption and pray for them and with them instead of throwing out anger, judgement and condemnation. We have all messed up. For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). A Christian’s grace-filled actions can smooth someone’s path to the Savior’s presence. Let’s choose today to show love and forgiveness. 

Make today beautiful!

Today’s Reading is Acts 9:1-19