Set Apart

Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy. (1 Peter 1:16)
Everything about God is holy. 
But what exactly is holiness?
The Hebrew translates “holy” as “to be set apart”.
As the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He is set apart from all other false gods.
As God’s obedient and beloved children, we are called to be Holy and set apart just as He is.
The day we started our walk with God and accepted Him into our heart, we are called to never again shape our lives by the world’s standards or by the desires that once ruled us before knowing Him.
Instead, we are to shape our lives in accordance with the Holy Spirit and the standard of His word.
Every day, we should prepare our minds and hearts for action. We must roll up our sleeves and be on alert for what the Holy Spirit is doing and what He is speaking to us. By living each day with holy awe and reverence, our hearts will be in a better position to hear from Him and be sensitive to His direction.
Keep in mind, true holiness is not just about doing good things, but also about what we absorb and manifest by dwelling in God’s holy presence. Christ himself is our holiness, as His grace has also imbedded holiness into our lives, further helping us to yield to the Holy Spirit living inside us!
To be holy is to be completely devoted to God. It is to be a true representative of who He is and His kingdom. 
When we walk into a room, our love for Jesus should be tangible, because He is walking in there with us.
He did not call us to blend in or be invisible among a crowd, but instead to be walking lighthouses of His glory and freedom-giving love!
Understand today that you are seated in Heavenly places with God. Walk in your true identity as His beloved son or daughter, knowing you have been set apart for holiness! 
Have a beautiful and uplifting day in The Lord!