How To Deal With Anger

A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards. (Proverbs 29:11) 
The question of how to deal with anger in a biblical way is an important one. But it’s certainly not the cookie-cutter answer many of us have heard. 
Have you ever had a moment where you said something in red-hot anger? Only to ask yourself moments later: “How could I say that?” 
Sadly, I’ve had far too many of these moments. And today’s devotional verse calls me out as acting like a “fool” who let anger control my words and actions. 
However, I don’t think the heart of this passage is to simply suppress anger or other negative emotions. It’s not about pretending like anger isn’t there. 
After all, psychologically speaking, shoving emotions asidedoesn’t make them go away. Instead, it creates a tangled pile that will surface and need dealt with later. 
So, what does the Bible teach us? 
He taught that everyone who is angry with his brother is liable to the same kind of judgment as a murderer (Matthew 5:20–21). And yet, he also chased predatory business people out of the synagogue with a whip (Matthew 21:12)! 
  1. Ask for the Holy Spirit to increase the fruit of the Spirit in your life (Galatians 5:22–23). When we’re angry, it’s actually the quickest path to being pruned and prepared for incredible growth. And understand that we absolutely need the Holy Spirit’s power to mature us here!
  2. Address the anger head on by making peace with the person or situation you’re angry with. Jesus teaches us that conflict is actually the path to peace (Matthew 18:15–17; Matthew 5:23–24). Lashing out and attacking is not the way Christians do conflict. But avoiding it altogether and seething in anger is unbiblical as well.
  3. Ask if your anger is righteous and justified—which is sometimes the case. And if so, does it require action? Is there evil or injustice to confront? Someone who is weak to defend? If so, act! But don’t do so to give “vent to your spirit” just to make yourself feel better. Be angry, but do not sin (Psalm 4:4). Righteous anger is aligned with God. It’s being angry at what makes God angry.

How will you deal with anger in a God-honoring way? Is there unresolved conflict that you need to deal with? 

Dear Jesus, Please help us to monitor ourselves better and to have more control over our reactions. Please help us to put aside any strong feelings of needing to justify ourselves with anger. Please help us to learn how to guard our tongues until we have had a chance to calm down, think things over and seek your face. Amen. 

When I read this devotion today I felt it needed to be shared. We have all dealt with anger at one point or another in our lives and some of us continue to struggle with it. My prayer today is that this devotion gives you guidance and direction when dealing with anger. 

Have a beautiful and uplifting day in The Lord! 

Today’s Reading is Luke 11:13